Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ridin' the Range

It was SUCH a nice day today so we decided to take a little horse ride up at Grandpa Stevie's. Kolby could have gone forever but Kyson was a little squished in the saddle. I hope this isn't too personal, but I said, "Are you ok buddy, are you too squished?" And he said, "No, but my wee-wee's stuck." Oh, he makes me laugh!


So I have been wanting to carve pumpkins for weeks now and we have just never done it. Last night, finally, it really happened! (I get super excited about holidays these days- I think it has something to do with these two little boys!) So Colt was not really chipper about the whole idea but he got pretty serious when it came down to it. The sad thing is he sort of ruined his- it was supposed to be a circle with a skull inside but he accidentally cut just a big circle out instead:) The boys did pumpkin "tattoos" since their pumpkins were a litte shriveled from getting snowed on a while ago.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daddy's Boys

These little boys love their Daddy!
Soooo Handsome!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Hunting!

Colt's Antelope
Kyson & Kolby already think life revolves around hunting- every time Colt is gone somewhere they assume he's hunting and Kolby thinks there is a "dee" in the back of every truck.
Our dog's first bird :)
My cute little three-point!
I get two pictures because this was my first one ;)
As of about August sometime my husband has been hunting pretty much non-stop and still has one more animal to go. I never really understand what makes men get up at four in the morning, walk for miles, freeze their tails off, eat granola bars all day and then get up and do it again the next day- but, he loves it and I am happy that he has something he absolutely enjoys. I joined in a little bit this year and shot my first deer- wahoo! I am surprised how much fun it really was and I might even do it again! I have shot a gun a whole two times in my life so it was a little scary but of course Colt did most of the work and I pulled the trigger and got it with one shot! Here are the pictures of our harvests:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Little Jabber-Jaw

Ok, so usually Kolby is an excellent sleeper and if he does wake up at all he pops his binkie back in and back to sleep he goes. So... last night I hear him yell, "Colt, Colt, bottoe (bottle), bottoe." I give him a few seconds and he yells, "Mommy, mommy," so then I can't ignore him and I go in, give him his binkie, snuggle his blanket on him and think he's back asleep. A few minutes later... same thing. I give him his binkie again and go back to bed. A few minutes later... same thing. Well, obviously he's not going back to sleep so I ask him if he wants to rock and of course he says yes. I start rocking him and he asks me to sing him "boons," his favorite balloon song. After only a few words of the song there is a noise outside and he immediately says, "Koda." Which is our dog and then, "kennel" and then, "peek." Knowing full well he would not let it rest until he got to peek at Koda in the kennel I opened the garage door and let him see the dog. Well, Colt's van sometimes beeps when a battery dies on one of his window tools and of course it was beeping last night and Kolby cannot stand to let it just beep without telling Colt about it and making him fix it so he kept saying, "beep, beep, Colt, Colt." Thankfully, and not thankfully, he soon spotted the deer Colt shot the night before hanging in our garage (very Wyoming-ish, I know) and freaked out about it too. He is VERY obsessed with "dee" and then began saying, "dee, hang it, cut it, dee" and anything else he could rattle off. I gave up on the rocking situation and decided to lay in Kyson's bed with him (since Kyson feels that our bed is his private little sleeping area most nights anyway). He wanted to jump on the bed, take things off the walls, and go see where Ky Ky and Daddy were. At this point I was kind of laughing to myself because he was sooo not tired and I could tell his little brain was going a million miles an hour trying to think of something else to say and do instead of going to bed. I was actually pretty entertained by him and I went in to tell Colt to come lay by him so he could listen to all the stuff he was saying but he didn't think it was as funny as I did and just kept on sleeping. Next, he sat straight up and said, "eggs, dinna, drink." I said, "Are you hungry?" Of course he said, "Yeah, Yeah." Not knowing if he really was hungry or just avoiding sleeping yet again I thought I should probably feed him or I would feel horrible if that was the reason he couldn't go to sleep. So, there I sat, feeding him a bowl of chicken noodle soup and glass of milk at two o'clock in the morning! I had no other options to make him go to sleep and I had filled up his tummy so I didn't feel guilty anymore so I layed him down in his crib, kicking and screaming. He cried for a few minutes and Colt went in and patted his back and gave him his binkie and what do you know- right to sleep! One more random thing he decided to go off on for a while also is that his binkie had a hair on it- this happened one time a very long time ago and he thinks there is a hair on it about every other time he takes it, just for something to say I believe. He just cracks me up lately, everything he learns and repeats and does and says! It would just be a whole lot better at noon or some other normal hour of the day!