Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sleeping Arrangements

Ok, this is kind of random, but my husband is very particular about his sleeping habits so I had to show this picture of our beds. It might not look too bad in this picture but Colt went nuts when it was time to go to sleep getting us this nice, homemade queen-size bed. The cabin actually had four twin beds and Colt rearranged the entire room so the beds could be next to eachother and we wouldn't have to worry about the kids falling off. So... he moved a nightstand from between them and put it at one end, pulled the dresser up next to the other end (from across the room), tucked all the rugs under the wheels, and put pillows between the foot board and the matress so everything would stay in it's proper place. He was like a mad-man getting it all fixed how he wanted it but I guess I should be thankful because we all slept just fine!
Soooo tired.

More Jackson

I kind of went camera-crazy while we were there so I apologize for so many pictures, but here's a few more.Kolby tried forever to get this piece of grass in his hand- I love this picture! This is the cookout spot they have for Sunday dinners.
Kyson somehow manages this exact same smile in every single picture we have of him. He loved the cabin, he called it our "Brown House."
My cute little boys and our cute little cabin.


My sister Hilary is working at a guest ranch in Moose, WY for a couple weeks and invited us up for the weekend so Colt could install a few windshields in their vans. They were so nice to us, we stayed in a cute little cabin, ate good food, hung out with aunt Hilary and just wandered around the ranch. My little boys could probably have stayed there forever- horses, squirrels, rocks, dirt, fences to climb on, dogs and everything else kids love. Thanks Hil!

The horses were the hit of the trip, we spent probably three hours watching the horses do their thing.
The whole darn fam- photogenic as ever!
My cute hubby. He does not like pictures even one tiny bit.
Kolby, getting a push from Aunt Hilary.
A wagon they had on the ranch which Kolby actually fell off about two seconds after this picture- oops, that was my fault.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Random Pics

Kyson has started wanting to have little "photo sessions" every day. He puts all his stuffed animals or his blanket in position and tells me, "Mommy, they neeed a picture." I swear Kolby has got to be the messiest eater in the world. I know he's only one but I think he does it on purpose- he can eat goldfish or a piece of bread and still get it all over the place and all over himself!
Another example of his eating habits! Dad and kids at the GHETTO circus in Evanston! Not one single animal in the whole circus! We left we were so bored. I was so excited because I thought we could see circus animals up close and the kids would love it but don't ever go to a circus in Evanston!
Kyson & Kolby could play on the swing set all day long- I just get tired of under-doggies and ten thousand requests for pushes before they're done!