Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cruisin', Camping & Fishing

So Makell and Adlee have a little pink Escalade Power Wheels and whenever Kyson is around it he is basically obsessed and never wants to get out. I decided they needed their own and they have ridden that thing to death! I regreted buying it the first few mornings because we were out at seven o'clock in the morning in it! This is Kyson and Caleb, my nephew.
Kolby turned two on May 27th and we had a birthday party at Colt's parents with a bouncy castle and cousins and friends. It was fun but it could have been a little nicer weather!

All Kolby wanted for his birthday was a drill. He got one from us and one from his Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton. He loves the goggles and has a couple pair that he wears quite frequently.

Kolbs trying his darndest to break the pinata (I don't think he even put a dent in it).

He is only two but for some reason Kyson seemed pretty certain he needed three candles. He's been practicing blowing out the candles for months!

This is his "birthday drill", as he calls it. He jumped up and down and clapped when he saw what it was.

We went up to Lilly Lake in the Uinta's to roast hot dogs and play around last week. The kiddos loved it and were very interested in the outhouse and where all that stuff was gonna go- yuck! Dont' these three look so alike in this picture? Kyson and Colt can pull the exact same faces, it cracks me up!

Kyson went with Grandpa Stevie and Daddy to Flaming Gorge fishing last Saturday and Sunday and hasn't stopped talking about it yet! He had a blast and even got to help reel in the fish.

Captain Kyson and Grandpa Stevie.

New Puppy!

Our new puppy! He is so cute and Kyson is officially in love. He wants the little thing by his side at all times. He sleeps by him, walks him on the leash, lets him in the house whenever he can and just follows him around. We need name ideas if anyone has any good ones:)
Colt and his pride and joy:) Dakota is our chocolate lab and now we have a yellow male so he is ready to do some training and eventually breed them.

Hunting already!